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Low Impact Development

Blades & Goven specializes in an alternative stormwater management know as “Low Impact Design.”  Blades & Goven has worked closely with property owners, developers, architects and engineers to develop cost effective, sustainable design solutions to manage stormwater runoff.  In an effort to mitigate the effects of stormwater on downstream ecosystems, Blades & Goven has developed detailed specifications for a series of alternate means of pollutant removal that closely mimic the natural  process of the infiltration, groundwater recharge groundwater flow, plant uptake, evaporation and transpiration.  These ‘Low Impact Development’ techniques reduce the amount of costly drainage structures, unattractive detention basins, and automatic irrigation systems while encouraging the natural removal of water bound pollutants.  In addition, the utilization of these techniques can provide LEED points for design innovation, plant selection and storm water reduction.

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